About Lama

We strive to be a premier Waterproofing supplier.

A step back in history

Since 1963, we have been developing and contributing to waterproofing and construction. 

We built factories, production lines, and labs. Diligent tests and experiments were the foundation of the waterproofing products that served the construction sector for many years to come.

We succeeded in gaining the trust and loyalty of a vast number of contractors, consultants and applicators, through the distinguished position and reputation it has built up over the last years, along with the commitment to achieve top quality standards. 

We at LAMA, are very proud of what has been accomplished, but we are continuously after remarkable achievements and improvements.

Our Values

  • Leadership: The courage to shape our industry.
  • Integrity: Be consistently open, genuine, honest, and ethical.
  • Collaboration: No idea is a bad idea. Share them and listen.
  • Accountability: It’s my responsibility to make it happen.
  • Drive to Improve: Good just isn’t good enough.

Quality Management System

As part of our commitment towards customer satisfaction, we have adopted an effective Quality Management System that covers all of the processes required to comply with ISO 9001. The Quality Management System we implemented here at LAMA has proved well since 1999, the date we were granted by Lloyd’s Register, with its efficiency through continual product development, as well as exceptional service we provide our customers. In order to ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of our system, we have been delicately monitoring and controlling all work processes to ensure customer satisfaction. We have achieved that through management responsibility, resources management, product realization, and quantifying and analyzing performance metrics over the last decade. View our Quality Policy View our EC Certification View our ISO Certification

Our labs & standards

We have effectively contributed in developing the construction sector, especially the bitumen industry. Our labs are the fundamental basis of our company, where lengthy tests and experiments have been conducted to develop the optimal asphalt mixture, as well as the coatings and mastics used for waterproofing in various applications. This was just the beginning. Later on, our experts continued with product research and development resulting in finding an optimal modified bitumen mixture, which resists extreme temperatures. Continued development from our labs allowed us to surpass our competition and become an industry leader in manufacturing bitumen based waterproofing products in the region. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best, safest, and most effecting waterproofing products that comply with several international standards; ASTM (American Standards), BS (British Standards), UEAtc (European Union of Agrément), and ISO (International Organization for Standardization).