TPG Heavy

TPG Heavy, a torch-applied membrane, with double reinforcement made of heavy non-woven polyester, and fiberglass mat is used when high dimensional stability, toughness, and impact resistance are required. This special product, 4 or 5 mm thick, is designed to be used for waterproofing BRIDGE DECKS as it can bear severe stresses, due to its outstanding technical characteristics.


TPG Heavy waterproofing membrane is manufactured from high-quality distilled bitumen and polymers which give the membrane excellent flexibility at very low temperature -5°C, and the ability to withstand high temperatures +155°C.


The dual reinforcement, heavy 250 g/m² non-woven spun-bond polyester and 60 g/m² fiberglass, gives the membrane superior strength and dimensional stability.


The underside is finished with a burn-off polyethylene film, and the upper side is finished with polyethylene film or fine sand.


The total thickness of the material is nominally 4 or 5mm.

Key Features.

  • High dimensional stability.
  • High softening point +155 °C.
  • Puncture and tear resistance.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Fuel resistance.

Packaging Information.

  • Dimension: 1×10 m/roll
  • Thickness: 4 or 5 mm
  • Weight per roll: 50 or 62 Kg
  • Reinforcement: Nonwoven Polyester 250 g/m² and Reinforced Fiberglass 60 g/m².

Application Field.

TPG Heavy is a special waterproofing product designed for use in road works such as:

  • Bridge Decks.
  • Viaducts.
  • Airport Runways.
  • Roof Parking.

Application Method.

  • TPG Heavy can only be installed by approved contractors with over 10-year experience.
  • The modified bituminous membrane should adhere completely to the bridge deck (substrate), to prevent sliding or creep of the surface materials under heavy braking.
  • Side laps 100mm and end laps 150mm to be reheated and smoothed on with a hot round-tipped trowel.
  • Excessive heating may damage the reinforcement.