SEALCOAT is a solvent-born bituminous compound of brush-able consistency. Dries to a tough, black coating, which does not flow under summer heat.

Key Features.

SEALCOAT complies with the requirements of:

  • ASTM D3019 Type I Grade I
  • BS 3416 Type I Class A (Fast Drying) and Class B (Regular)

Packaging Information.

SEALCOAT can be supplied in:

  • 20-liter drums
  • 200-liter drums

Application Field.

  • A general-purpose waterproofing and damp-proofing coating, for use on concrete roofs, foundations & retaining walls and over saturated felts.
  • Repairing failures in the roofing asphalt mix.
  • Provides protection against corrosion for corrugated iron, lead, copper and zinc.


Note: Recommended where the threat of frost or rain precludes the use of an asphalt emulsion.

Application Method.

  • Use a rather stiff brush for application. A wiper may be used when the surface is smooth and level.
  • Apply each coat at a right angle to the previous coat at a rate of (0.55 ltr/m²) for a reasonably smooth surface.
  • Allow each coat to dry through before the application of a further coat.
  • Where necessary reinforce with suitable fabric or glass fiber materials.
  • The ultraviolet rays of sunlight destroy organic materials. It is, therefore, necessary to protect the coating by spreading on it a powder such as fine limestone while it is still wet. It can also be protected after it dries by a coat of white acrylic paint (LAMACRYL) or by aluminum pigmented paint (LAMASILVER).