LAMASOL 610 is a cold applied rubberized bitumen emulsion, black in color. It dries to form a black flexible coating.

Key Features.

LAMASOL 610 complies with the requirements of  JS 1193, ASTM D 1227 Type III Class 2, and ASTM D3747 Type I.

Packaging Information.

LAMASOL 610 can be supplied in:

  • 16-liter drum
  • 200-liter drum

Application Field.

  • General Waterproofing: For use on concrete (exposed or below ground), cement, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, and corrugated iron, as a water and moisture barrier.
  • Metal Protection: Provides protection against corrosion of pipes, structural steelwork and other metallic equipment.
  • Insulation: Provides weatherproofing layer when used overexposed insulation, in conjunction with a lightweight non-woven glass fabric or saturated polyester mat or jute. Also used as a vapor barrier when applied on concrete surfaces below insulation.

Application Method.

  • Stir LAMASOL 610 to homogeneity & apply by brushing the first coat. To ease application, dampen the applicator before and during use.
  • Allow the first coat to dry.
  • Apply the second coat at the same rate and right angle to the first coat.
  • Protect from frost and rain until fully cured.

Note: LAMASOL 610 can be applied on damp or dry surfaces.