LAMA PRIMER is a solvent-based cold applied, highly penetrative thin bituminous solution, black in color used as a general primer.

Pail Image

Key Features.

  • Coverage is 0.3 to 0.5 l/m² depending on the porosity of the surface.
  • LAMAPRIMER complies with the requirements of JS 684 and ASTM D 41 Type I.

Packaging Information.

LAMAPRIMER can be supplied in:

  • 16-liter drum
  • 20-liter drum
  • 200-liter drum

Application Field.

  • For priming concrete, ma­sonry, metal, and asphalt surfaces.
  • Suitable for use as prim­ing coat before applying any LAMA bituminous coat­ing, or modified bitumen membrane in roofing, damp proofing, and water­proofing below or above ground level.

Application Method.

The primer is applied on a single coat. It should be well scrubbed in by brush, ensuring only a thin coating is applied or applied thinly but evenly by spray.