LAMAFLEX waterproofing membrane is manufactured from high-quality distilled bitumen modified with the Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) to provide low-temperature flexibility. The carrier is reinforced by nonwoven fabric spun-bond polyester to give the membrane necessary elongation and to provide the required resistance to heat aging, puncture, and rotting.

The lower surface is covered with a burn-off polyethylene film, while the upper surface is covered with polyethylene film, or with a decorative mineral sand layer that also guards the membrane against damaging UV light.

Key Features.

  • Excellent elasticity.
  • High flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Resistance to aging.
  • High puncture and tear resistance.
  • Good resistance to acids, sulfates, and chlorides.

Packaging Information.

  • Dimension: 1×10 m/roll
  • Thickness: 4 or 5 mm
  • Weight per roll: 50 or 62 Kg
  • Reinforcement: Nonwoven Polyester 180 or 200 g/m² 

Application Field.

  • Roofs (reinforced concrete, prefabricated concrete, metal and timber deck).
  • Multi-story car parks.
  • Underground foundations, basements, and retaining walls.
  • Reservoirs, basins and canals.
  • Swimming pools.

Application Method.

  • Lay down the rolls so that the lower face with polyethylene film is bonded to the substrate.
  • To fix the sheet to the substrate, use a propane gas burner to melt off the polyethylene film and a thin layer of bitumen while unrolling and laying the membrane. Side laps 100mm and end laps 150mm.
  • The membrane may be loosely laid, partially or fully bonded, depending on the structure and the specifications.