Double Reinforcement.

200g/m² Nonwoven  Polyester  and 60 g/m² Fiberglass.


A high dimensional stability and impact resistant bituminous roll, torch applied, modified with atactic poly-propylene (APP). The membrane has excellent durability and flexibility at low temperatures, and ability to withstand high temperatures.

The non-woven fabric gives the superior mechanical resistance to stand fatigue and tear caused by different superficial movements of adjoining layers, while the inorganic reinforcement gives the membrane outstanding dimensional stability.

The upper face is covered with polyethylene film.

Field of Application:

TPG membranes are designed for use in heavy duty applications such as underground foundations, basements, retaining walls, tunnels, reservoirs, anti-earthquake foundation, multi-story car parks, etc.  And where toughness, dimensional stability and impact resistance are required.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 1×10 m Roll
Thickness: 4 or 5 mm
Cold Pliability: no cracking at -10ºC
Softening Point: 150ºC ±10

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