Asphalt Roof Coating (Regular and Fast Drying)


A solvent-born bituminous compound of brushable consistency. Dries to a tough, black coating, which does not flow under summer heat.


  • A general purpose waterproofing and damp-proofing coating, for use on concrete roofs, foundations & retaining walls and over saturated felts.
  • Resealing of existing roofs of mastic asphalt.
  • Used as a primer where concrete surfaces are porous, before applying the modified bitumen membranes.
  • Provides protection against corrosion for corrugated iron, lead, copper and zinc.
  • Recommended where the threat of frost or rain precludes the use of an emulsion

Can be supplied in 20 or 200 liter drum.


Complies with the requirements of ASTM D4479 Type I, ASTM D3019 Type I Grade I, and BS 3416 Type I Class A (Fast Drying) and Class B (Regular).

Technical Specifications:

Approx. Flash Point: 60 ºC

Approximate specific gravity: 0.90.

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