Bituminous High Elastic Rubberized Coating.


A cold applied bituminous rubberized solvent based compound of a very high elasticity (modified with SBS), black color, highly adhesive, capable of forming a damp-proofing layer that can effectively provide an excellent seal against penetration of moisture.


  • Excellent and full adhesion to concrete surfaces.
  • High elasticity. Withstands expansion, contraction and structural movements.
  • Self-repairing in case of a little puncture.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Easy to use for repairing tanks, provides good adhesion to old layers.


  • For sealing areas where space is small to allow free movement, such as corners, under tanks and pipes, around bolts… etc..
  • It can provide a quick and easy solution where leakage of water is expected.
  • To protect foundation, bathroom and kitchen floors, and roofs.

Can be supplied in 20 liter drum.

Technical Specifications:

Approx. Flash Point: 40 ºC

Elongation: 1000/100

Density at 25ºC: 0.85 kg/l.

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