Hot Applied Joint & Crack Sealer For Concrete And Asphalt Pavements.


A black resilient and adhesive compound capable of effectively sealing joints in concrete and cracks in asphalt pavements against penetration of moisture and foreign material throughout cycles of expansion and contraction with temperature changes.


  •  Excellent adhesion to bitumen and concrete surfaces.
  • Good elasticity. Withstands expansion, contraction and structural movements.
  • High water resistance. Not affected by long immersion in water.
  • Weather resistant.


Used for sealing joints in building constructions, runways, parking areas, garages, concrete roads, pavements, bridges, foot paths, sporting arenas, joints of irrigation canals.


ROFLEX complies with the requirements of B.S. 2499 (Type N2), ASTM D6690 Type II.


Can be supplied in 20 liter steel drum.

Technical Specifications:

Density, @ 25 ºC: 1.3 kg/l.

Softening Point : min. 80 ºC.

Bond ( 0°C ): Pass.

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