Runway/Driveway Sealer,

Modified Bitumen Seal Coat Protective Coating.

Pavements, Runways, Drive-ways are costly to build and very important for movement and transport in our modern society. Their surfaces deteriorate under climate conditions and continuous use. Protecting them by using a proper sealer before severe deterioration occurs, before it is too late, is the right and economic thing to do.


A solvent-born polymerized bitumen compound of brushable consistency. It dries to a tough black coating which does not flow under summer heat.


 R.D.SEALER is used to provide good reinforcement, smooth surface, waterproofing, and chemical resistance to asphalt concrete pavements, runways, drive-ways, parking areas and bridge decks.


 R.D.Sealer can be supplied in 20 liter steel drum.

Technical Specifications:

Approx. flash point: 70 ºC

Approx. specific gravity: 1.0

Softening Point: >90 ºC

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