APP Modified Bitumen Membrane

Fiberglass Reinforcement


Most economical waterproofing 3 or 4mm thick,
torch applied membrane.

The compound is a mixture of distilled bitumen, plastomers and elastomers which gives the membrane excellent resistance to heat aging and weathering. The reinforcement is a rot­proof fiberglass mat which gives dimensional stability to the membrane sheet.
The lower surface is covered with a burn-off polyethylene film, while the upper surface is covered with polyethylene film or fine sand.

Field of Application:

Used in below ground dampproofing for founda­tions, retaining walls and basements. Also used as a waterproofing layer in bathrooms, kitchens and terraces. Also recommended for the protection of em­bedded metal pipes of large diameter, and ducts.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 1×10 m Roll
Thickness: 3 or 4 or 5mm
Cold Pliability: no cracking at -5ºC
Softening Point: 150ºC ±10

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