Rubberized Bituminous Mastic Sticks.


A black rubberized bituminous sealant, cold applied, comes in the form of strips for easy application. It is Easy to use, highly elastic in which it retains its elasticity for years with no change , durable with no shrinkage, excellent internal cohesion, weather proof, does not flow at high temperatures, and adheres well to surface.


LAMASTICK is used for vari­ous applications:

  • Fixing of all types of protection boards.
  • Expansion joints in buildings
  • Sealing joints and cracks in concrete surfaces.
  • To seal the lap joints of corrugated metal sheets.
  • To seal plastic and metal pipe intrusions, gutter sides.

Can be supplied in carton containing (32) 50cm strips, total weight of 10kg/carton.


LAMASTICK complies with the requirements of ASTM D1850.

Technical Specifications:

Density : 1.5 g/cm³.

Flow at 60 °C : <1mm.

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