Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion, Waterproofer and Adhesive.


LAMASOL is a cold applied rubberized bitumen emulsion, dark brown in color. It dries to form a black flexible coating.


  • General Waterproofing: For use on concrete (exposed or below ground), cement, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, and corrugated iron, as a water and moisture barrier. 
  • Metal Protection: Provides protection against corrosion of pipes, structural steelwork and other metallic equipment.
  • Insulation: Provides weatherproofing layer when used over exposed insulation, in conjunction with a light weight non-woven glass fabric or saturated polyester mat or jute. Also used as a vapor barrier when applied on concrete surfaces below insulation. 
  • Adhesive: Highly effective as an adhesive for wood blocks, insulation boards, expanded polystyrene and cork panels, or as a plaster bonding agent on difficult surfaces. 
  • Priming: LAMASOL is diluted with an equal amount of water and used as a primer in a single coat to enhance adhesion between the substrate and waterproofing sheet membranes.


LAMASOL can be supplied in 20 and 200 liter drum.


Complies with the requirements of JS 1193, ASTM D 1227 Type III Class 1, and ASTM D3747 Type I.

Technical Specifications:

Density: 0.98 – 1.04 Kg/L

Residue by evaporation: 47-53%

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