Foaming Agent for Production of Light Weight Foamed Concrete.


A chemical based, high quality and efficiently low dosage foaming admixture.  It is used to produce light weight aerated concrete of low densities ranging from 300 to 1000 kg/m³.

Produced concrete made using LAMA FOAM is light weight with excellent strength, it provides excellent thermal insulation with thermal conductivity of less than 20% of the normal concrete mix.  It exhibits good flowing properties and easy to pump.  The foam mix is self-leveling and does not require compaction.  The foam mix produced with water only is stable and does not sag.


  • For production of light weight foamed concrete applied as thermal insulating layer, light screed and backfills. 
  • Produced concrete has good acoustic insulation properties.
  • The foamed concrete can be utilized as a fire barrier, and it can be used to protect timber decks.
  • Can be used with all types of Portland cement in all concrete mixes, with or without aggregates. Can be used in all types of foam generating machines.


Can be supplied in 20 and 200 liter drum.


LAMA FOAM complies with ASTM C869.

Technical Specifications:

PH of 1% Solution: 7 ±0.5.

Solubility: Easily soluble in water.

Approx. specific gravity @ 25 °C: 1.03

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