Glass Fiber Base for Built-up Roofing.


LAMAFELT – BUR consists of reinforced fiber glass base of 60 g/m2 coated on both sides with modified bitumen and covered with a polyethylene film to prevent sticking in the roll.


LAMAFELT – BUR is suitable for use as the lower layer(s) of built-up roofing and as the top layer on flat roofs which are subsequently surfaced with bitumen dressing compound and mineral aggregate or other surface finish. A perforated layer may be used as the first-layer if partial bonding and/or venting is required.

Felts are also suitable for use as a vapor barrier under roof insulation with solid top coating of an asphalt material.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 1×20 m/roll

Thickness: 2 mm

Weight per roll: 50 Kg

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