Ready Asphalt Mix

Ready asphalt mix modified with rubberized bitumen, and with different types of granules and sand.

E.Z. Patch is a quick remedy, specially designed for instant repair of holes and cracks at path, roadway, and airport runways. E.Z. PATCH is cold applied and is simple to use. It allows repair to the site with minimum traffic disturbance.

It has two types:

Type 1: made with coarse granules to repair holes.

Type 2: Made with fine granules (<2mm) to repair cracks.


  •  High adhesion with Asphalt mix.
  • High penetration in cracks (type 2).
  • Forms a very tough layer after compressing.
  • Can withstand heavy loads.
  • Used in cold and rainy weather conditions.
  • Friction resistant.
  • Environment friendly.


 E.Z. PATCH can be supplied in:

Type 1: 20 kg plastic bags.

Type 2: 20 kg drum for fine granule type.

Technical Specifications:

Density: 2.67 kg/L.

Asphalt: Max. 10%.

Flash point: Min. 225°C.

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