Thermal Insulation Tiles for Roofs.

BLOCPROOF is a new design concept from LAMA which implements the inverted roofing system technology. This concept provides both thermal insulation and waterproofing to the roof. It is used on top of our traditional long proven waterproofing membrane system to add for needed thermal and mechanical protection.

BLOCPROOF are highly durable tiles consisting of an extruded polystyrene foam base, and protected with a top reinforced gray concrete layer of 40mm thickness.  The system is designed to ensure good draining of rain water through accurately shaped tile edges to ensure easy seepage of flooding water on top of roof during the strongest storms.

It is easy to apply and arrange on roofs and walkways with minimal labor, resulting in an insulated and appealing layer.

It also serves as a protection layer to the waterproofing system adding accessibility to the covered area.


is used on any roof to protect the waterproofing layer and to provide the needed thermal insulation while acting as an excellent protection layer.


Thickness: 70 mm.

Concrete Thickness: 40 mm.

Mass: 30 kg.

Size: 60 x 60 cm.

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