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How we treat horizontal expansion joints

Horizontal expansion joints are delicate, they are prone to leaks and so require special treatment. It is crucial that water does not flow on top of the expansion joint, so we have to make sure that drains are as far away as possible.

But that isn’t always the case, here are several ways we treat the joints:

1- Move the expansion joint all together away from the water flow. Although an intuitive an obvious solution, it is quite costy. On the other hand, you minimize maintenance cost and the structure will last longer.

2- Seal the joint with a bituminous mastic, apply two layers of membranes on top, and then cover the expansion joint with an anti rust steel or aluminum cover, making sure it is parallel to the joint as shown in the image below.

What if we’re looking to connect an old structure with a new one? This will be the topic in our next blog post, subscribe and get the newest from Lama.

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