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  • History

    It has been more than five decades since LAMA was found in 1963 to effectively contribute in developing the construction sector in general, and bitumen industry in particular.

    As a beginning, LAMA expertise had been directed through lengthy tests and experiments in their labs to develop Solid, Oxidized Asphalt as well as different Coatings and Mastics used for waterproofing in all fields of construction.

    Later on in 1986, LAMA revealed its high commitment toward the customers and market, when it developed its factory, labs, materials, and production lines in order to accompany the Bitumen Industry rapid growth all over the world. Accordingly, LAMA started producing the Modified Bitumen which highly resists extreme temperatures, in addition to producing Improved Waterproofing Membranes and Coatings. Of course, that was enough to make LAMA company one of the first and leading manufacturers of Bitumen-based Waterproofing Products in the region.

    LAMA has succeeded in gaining the trust and loyalty of a vast number of contractors, consultants and applicators, through the distinguished position and reputation it has built up over the last years, along with the obligation to achieve top quality standards. All of that entitled LAMA to be awarded the ISO9001 Certificate for its successfully implemented Quality Management System.

    Furthermore, LAMA has established two branches in Damascus-Syria and Abu Dhabi-UAE in addition to its head-quarter in Amman-Jordan in order to serve a wider segment of the market. LAMA products can also be found in several countries all over the Middle East, Gulf, and india.

    Nowadays, LAMA is very proud of what has been accomplished, but still looking for more remarkable achievements.

  • Branches

    LAMA has developed over the past years three branches, each branch has its own office with experienced staff to provide the effective services to serve the needs of its customers, also a specialized factory equipped with a full machinery system that serves a complete production lines to produce all kinds of Lama bitumen-based products to serve the Market.

    Jordan Factory
    Jordan Bituminous Products Center
    Bala'ama, Al-Mafraq, Jordan

    LAMA for Waterproofing
    Adra, Syria

  • Labs & Standards

    LAMA has effectively contributed in developing the Construction Sector in general, and Bitumen Industry in particular.

    This have started from LAMA labs, where a lengthy tests and experiments have been conducted in order to develop Solid, Oxidized Asphalt as well as different Coatings and Mastics used for waterproofing in all fields of construction.

    That was just the beginning. Later on, LAMA experts continued the hard work which eventually resulted in producing the Modified Bitumen which highly resists extreme temperatures, besides producing Improved Waterproofing Membranes and Coatings. All of that helped LAMA for Waterproofing to mount up on the top of manufacturers of Bitumen-based Waterproofing Products companies in the region.

    LAMA Standards:

    As LAMA has a commitment toward its customers to provide them with the best, safest and most effective products, LAMA has made a wide range of products that complies with different international standards that are well considered in the Bitumen Industry.

    The Technical Specifications in LAMA products sheets shows obviously the Test Methods conducted, and based on what kind of standards.

    Standards that are most used in LAMA for Waterproofing are varying between the American Standards “ASTM”, British Standards, “BS” and “UEAtc”, ISO standards, as well as JISM Standards.

    For more information about these standards, you can visit the following:

  • Quality Management System

    As part of its commitment toward customer satisfaction, LAMA has adopted a highly effective Quality Management System which covers all of work processes and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001

    The implemented Quality Management System at LAMA for Waterproofing proved well since 1999 -the date it has been granted by Lloyd’s Register- its efficiency through the manifest continual improvement of products as well as services provided to LAMA’s customers.

    In order to ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of the implemented Quality Management System, LAMA has been intelligently monitoring and controlling all work processes to ensure ultimate customers satisfaction. LAMA has achieved that through having the aspects of Management Responsibility, Resources Management, Product Realization as well as Measurements, Analyses and Continual Improvement well balanced through the last decade.

  • Representitives

    Al-Ghareer General Trading Co. Ltd.

    Eng. Saad Nofan

    Baghdad – Iraq


    Telephone: +964 790190652

    Fax: +974 7901332684


    Mannai Trading Co.

    Mr. Abdullah Anaqreh

    Doha – Qatar

    Tel. No.: +974 44076000

    Fax No.: + 974 44076398